CEE Employers: Engineering Consulting Firms

Through the search engine provided below, you can identify and research Engineering Consulting Firms employing CEEs based on the following criteria:

  • Firm Name (yields a list of all firms profiled)

  • Primary CEE Practice Area (environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation)

  • Location of Offices (by state)

  • Size (overall number of employees)

  • Student Internships and/or Cooperative Education (Coop) Experience Offered

Each search conducted yields a list of employers. Clicking on a particular firm's name then yields a standardized descriptive profile of that firm (click here for an example) which includes a direct weblink to the "job openings" section of the firm's website.


To begin, simply select your desired search criteria from the drop-down menu provided below.


Good luck in your search!!!



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