CEE Employers: Government - EPA, DOT, DOE

Presented below are relevant links and information regarding the three main employers of CEEs within the federal government: EPA, DOT and DOE.


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):


EPA Careers Page

EPA Regional Offices (EPA has 10 regional offices, each of which is responsible for execution of the Agency's programs within designated states and territories)

Main Technical Program Offices/Entities:

  • Office of Air and Radiation - oversees the air and radiation protection activities of the Agency including national programs, technical policies, and regulations.

  • Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances - develops national strategies for toxic substance control and promotes pollution prevention and the public's right to know about chemical risks.

  • Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response - provides policy, guidance, and direction for the land disposal of hazardous wastes, underground storage tanks, solid waste management, encouragement of innovative technologies, source reduction of wastes and the Superfund Program.

  • Office of Water - is responsible for the Agency's water quality activities including development of national programs, technical policies, and regulations relating to drinking water, water quality, ground water, pollution source standards, and the protection of wetlands, marine, and estuarine areas.

  • Office of Research and Development - is responsible for the research and development needs of the Agency's operating programs and the conduct of an integrated research and development program for the Agency.

  • Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina - major center for air pollution research and regulation.

  • Laboratories and Research Centers - provides weblinks to the major laboratories and other organizations that conduct research and carry out scientific and technical activities within the various EPA programs.


Department of Transportation (DOT):


DOT Careers Page

Main Technical Program Offices/Entities:


Department of Energy (DOE):


DOE Employment Page

Main Technical Program Offices/Entities:


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